Video: Taking a look at Luka Doncic, a top prospect for the 2018 NBA Draft


Luka Doncic Highlights vs Baskonia Vitoria 3rd February 2017

Ball seems to be an extension of him. Great hands, whether handling the ball or controlling a tip. A few exceptions could be on the dribble where there’s about 2-3 obvious carries there that weren’t called. He’s not fast, at all, nor explosive, but has a very mature body control while the ball remains an extension of him. Would love to see him against even more athletic competition. The guy guarding him was very physical, but not all that athletic and he (Luka) never blew by him.

The is the second look I’ve had at him. Would like to find more footage that

1) isn’t highlights so much

2) he’s off ball more – would like to see his off ball 3 pt shot as well as passing

3) against known competition — see more into how his athleticism will or won’t play in the NBA.

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